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Professional course for teachers and parents.
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License for educational activity No. 127 dated August 08, 2017.
The founders of the private developmental kindergarten in the city of Volgograd "Smart Kid" and the federal network of children's developmental centers "Razvivayushka"
teachers of mental arithmetic and calligraphy, we are engaged in teaching reading, counting, writing for over 18 years
- Authors of proven and certified technology for the development of children "Razvivayushka"
Pama Global
Learned from the original source of the "father" of mental arithmetic David Liao founder and chairman of the association
Pama global
We issue (send by mail) certificates to you
paper with colored UV fibers, offset printing, watermark, two non-copying non-replicating guilloche nets, negative and positive guilloche border, angular original graphic ornaments, vertical iris in the center of the form, glowing logo under UV, embossed printing, hologram.
We have the right to teach you!
We work in the field of education for more than 18 years.
We have a license from the Department of Education and the necessary certificates.
we offer you everything for mental arithmetic
and even more:
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365 дней
365 дней
365 дней
Дополнительные методические материалы
Рабочие тетради на все возраста
Наши учебники для всех возрастов
Обновление материала в течении всего времени
Вебинары с разбором ваших вопросов
Зарегистрированный, узнаваемый товарный знак «Развиваюшка»
Итоговое тестирование
Интерактивный онлайн тренажер
Сертификаты для детей
третий бонусный курс:
Трехдневный курс от Дэвида Ляо
Маркетинговые материалы
Закрытые материалы
Юридическая гарантия
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